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2023 Project


This year is a big one for me mentally... I've thought long and hard how I want to approach it and I have landed on a large scale photoshoot I will be turning into a book and calendars. This piece will be depicting my walk through grief after losing my mom to cancer when I was seven years old. This year I will be the same age my mom was when she passed. All three of my kids will also be the exact same ages as my two brothers and I were when we lost her too. Sadly one brother of my brothers did not survive. She was pregnant during her cancer fight and we sadly lost him after about 8 months of her pregnancy, then she passed shortly after. Everyone has a story. This is a very personal section of mine but I need to do this to help heal many wounds and move forward so I can be the best mom to my three babies. 

I will be transforming 12 dresses, mostly second hand, vintage wedding dresses into high end, very intricate pieces of art to help bring the story to life. I hope you all enjoy the process and I can't wait to show you all the pieces at the end. Thank you!

Meet The Dresses

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